The Gravity Bong: What is it and how does it work?

Buying a gravity bong online

The Gravity Bong: What is it and how does it work?

Novice or expert, if you are looking for a change, the gravity bong is it. The name alone makes it sound intense. Contrary to belief, the gravity bong is easy to use; once you get the hang of it. You may have heard about this mystical piece from friends or over heard it while in a crowd. However, I'm sure by the third time you heard the words "gravity bong", you thought, what's all the fuss about? Well, this is the perfect time to head to Smoshe and purchase this brilliant piece. If your funds are low, no problem! There are hundreds of DIY tutorials on Youtube. That's exactly what makes this piece so cool! You have the option to buy it pre-made or grab whatever empty plastic bottle you have lying around. But first things first: what exactly is this “Gravity Bong” and how the hell does it work?

In a nutshell, the gravity bong uses air and water to create pressure. It's a method of smoke inhalation that has increased in popularity over recent years. Gravity bongs can come in the form of DIY plastic homemade kits or professionally-sold units. Materials are usually made out of glass, however plastic, acrylic and wood are also options. Gravity bongs purchased online are likely to resemble a wine bottle and look pretty fancy! There are several types of gravity bongs that you might want to try out before making your final decision. To help narrow down the selection; we’ve got the inside scoop on all of them. Select from the home made Gravity bong, the Bucket (Bukket) Gravity Bong, the Vortex Gravity or the Waterfall Gravity Bong. We will give you an insight on how they work, so you can decide what method is best for you.

The Bucket Gravity Bong

First there’s the bucket gravity bong, not to be confused with the Bukket Gravity Bong. Typically, this piece is commonly made at home. Builders use scrap water bottles or some kind of empty container that they have lying around. The first thing that you want to do is locate two containers, one small one large. You want to make sure that the small one can easily fit into the large. It is ideal that these two containers have height. More height is the equivalent to larger hits. Now once you’ve collected the containers, fill the larger container with water. The top of this container will need to be completely open. Conversely, the smaller bottle or container will need to have the bottom completely removed. The top, on the other hand, will need to have a removable top that can support a smoking bowl. This smaller container will need to be placed into the larger container, submerging it almost completely. Make sure to NOT submerge your bowl at the top of this container, stop the process at the base of the bowl. Before submersion, remove or loosen the top or cap so that the trapped air within the container can be let our during submersion. Once submerged, close your cap and light the bowl. Once lit, SLOWLY lift the smaller container upwards, out of the larger containers water. By doing so, a suction pressure is created, allowing burning of your flower. The small container fills with billows of smoke at which point, the sesh is ready to begin.

Step by step tutorial here:

The Waterfall Gravity Bong

The waterfall gravity bong can be considered a close cousin of the bucket bong. This contraption works similarly, however, only one container is needed. It uses a large plastic bottle including the nozzle which works as a bowl. First find a large container. Once located, you want to make an opening at the base of the container; a small to medium-size hole. So that you are able to fill this container with water, plug this hole with a stopper. Remove the lid to the container and fill with water. Once the container is filled, put the cap (bowl) back on and light the bowl. After being lit, remove your stopper and allow the water to flow out of the bottle.  The visualization of the water falling out of the container gives it its name.  As water falls, smoke will accumulate inside the container; the larger the container, the more smoke.

Gravity Bongs: What you need to Consider

I know that you're thinking that this is really cool and that you want to go make one now. Or that you've tried this or a version of the above gravity bongs before and want to give it another go. However, when creating these contraptions or prior to you purchase, keep in mind these important facts. DIY gravity bongs need to be done correctly so that you minimize bad experiences. Of the most important is harsh inhalation. This type of smoke inhalation is unfiltered. Large smoke particles will be in the smoke that you inhale. Compared to filtered methods, this will be more hard hitting. Lastly, it is important to understand the functionality of the piece. If done incorrectly, your experience can be subpar. Do yourself a favor and watch a couple of "How to" videos on youtube.

Gravity Bong Pros and Cons

Gravity Bong Pros:

There are loads of perks to the gravity bong. When compared to other bongs, these are some pros that will keep you coming back. 

  • Less work: One thing we’ve heard people love about the gravity bong is that it creates way less work for your lungs. Comparing to most other methods of smoke inhalation, this is far more efficient. Reason being is that the gravity bong uses negative pressure to do all the work of inhalation.
  • Potent: Due to the fact that the herbs are unfiltered in the gravity bong, the effects hit you faster and harder! If you’re a fan of feeling the effects right away rather than waiting for them, this might be a good option for you.
  • Creativity: Some like that they can use their creative side to build this bong themselves. DIY activities have increase in popularity over the recent decade.
  • Sex Appeal: You must admit it, it’s a cool and creative way to blaze. When you invite you friends over or that special "bae", they're bound to feel that this is a special occasion.

Gravity Bong Cons:

I hate to be a negative Nancy, or Ned, however we must consider the facts that make this method challenging. Consider the following:

  • Functionality: It can sometimes be hard to understand how to properly woke this bong. Due to the nature of the beast, there can actually be several different was to smoke through the piece; since there are several different kinds of gravity bongs.
  • Moving Pieces: After making the decision to build it yourself, you quickly come to the realization that you have to find the parts. Typically, finding an empty bottle is easy enough, however you also have to know how to create a bowl. My suggestion, do your research first.
  • The Clean-up: This ca often be the most daunting aspect of the mission. A waterfall bong will probably give you the most trouble. However, don't be surprised of the mess when you have rookie operating the bucket gravity bong.

Buying a gravity bong online

If you’re uncertain about making one yourself, or don’t like the idea of DIY, you can always purchase one online. The online head shop option, give you greater choice in regards to style and functionality. Additionally, This option is great for a first-time users. As mentioned above, DIY activities can be daunting and complicated. Store made products are usually lab tested to work at optimal capabilities. When it comes to DIY, many times there are issues that you can't overcome. For example, suction in the bucket gravity bong is usually the issue under DIY circumstances. However, there are some great cheap DIY gravity bong kits that are rival to factory produced options.

Gravity Bong Concluded

Overall, the gravity bong is a really cool method that all smokers should give a try. The effects of the pressure and gravity can create a really interesting smoking experience that you won’t find with other methods. There are several different methods that will catch your eye. The best thing to do is research to find what's best for you. Even with that being said, there are several factors, pros and cons, that you should consider prior to your purchase and/or experience. Of the many, filtration, functionality and work top the list and should be evaluated 1st. Recommended is a Guru that will guide you through the process. However a second best is youtube. There are hundreds of videos that can help you accomplish your goals. Remember, in the end, this ain't for everyone. Happy smoking!

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