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The Gravity Bong: What is it and how does it work?

If you are a smoking expert or are looking to amp up your smoking routine, you might want to check out the all mighty gravity bong. The name alone of this bong makes it sound intense. Contrary to your belief, the gravity bongis actually pretty easy to use; once you get the hang of it, that is! If you’re bored of your current smoking set up, or have heard about it from one of your friends and wondered what all the fuss is about, this may be your next go-to item when browsing online for your smoking equipment, or your next DIY smoking method experiment! What’s cool about the gravity bong is you can either buy it pre-made online or just grab whatever empty plastic bottle you have lying around and be halfway to making one yourself. But first things first: what exactly is this "Gravity Bong”and how the hell does it work? 

This bong, in a nutshell, uses air and water to create pressure and is a method of smoke inhalationthat has increased in popularity in recent years. Gravity bongscan come in the form of DIY plastic homemade kits or professionally-sold units that are usually made out of glass. The gravity bongs that are purchased online are likely to almost resemble a wine bottle in appearance, and look pretty fancy! There are several types of gravity bongs that you might want to try out, and to help narrow down your selection; we’ve got the inside scoop on all of them. Select from the home made Gravity bong, the Bucket (Bukket) Gravity Bong, the Vortex Gravity or the Waterfall Gravity Bong. We will give you an insight on how they work, so you can decide what method might be best for you.

The Bucket Gravity Bong

The Gravity Bong: What is it and how does it work? 
First there’s the bucket gravity bong, not to be confused with the Bukket Gravity Bong. As you can probably tell from the name, this is one that you tend to make at home, out of whatever empty container you have lying around! (But make sure it’s clean.) Here’s how it works: first and foremost, locate two containers, one large and one that will easily fit into the large container. Now these containers will need to have some height as the more height you have, the more room available to collect smoke during the burning process. Now once you’ve collected the containers, fill the larger container with water. The top of this container will need to be completely open. Conversely, the smaller bottle or container will need to have the bottom completely removed. The top, on the other hand, will need to have a removable top that can support a smoking bowl. This smaller container will need to be placed into the larger container, submerging it almost completely (Do not submerge your bowl at the top of this container). Before submersion, remove or loosen the top or cap so that the trapped air within the container can be let our during submersion. Once submerged, close your cap or top and light the bowl. Once lit, slowly lift the smaller container upwards, out of the larger containers water. By doing so, a suction pressure is created, allowing burning of your flower. The small container fills with billows of smoke at which point, the sesh is ready to begin. 

The Waterfall Bong 

The waterfall gravity bong can be considered a close cousin of the bucket bong. This contraption works similarly, however, only one container is needed. It uses a large plastic bottle and a nozzle that works as a bowl and keeps the herbs from getting mixed in the bottle, which as you can imagine is a pretty necessary component to the waterfall bong. You fill the bottle up with water, but remember- there needs to be a small hole near the base so that which will allow the water to drain. After being lit, the water will start to flow out of the larger bottle (hence the name waterfall) and smoke will accumulate inside. This can then be inhaled, giving you basically the same effect as the bucket gravity bong effect! 

Home Made Gravity Bong

You might be thinking that a gravity bong sounds like something you can make at home, and maybe it is something you have made at home in your life! Many people make a version of this in high school from whatever empty 2 liter bottle they have lying around and just give it a go. And it might be tempting to just grab that and a pair of scissors and be on your way to trying out this new method of smoke inhalation, and you might even end up having great results and be able to re-use some of your old recycling in the meantime! But you want to be careful- DIY gravity bongs need to be done correctly so that you don’t end up having too much of a harsh experience when you breathe the smoke in. 

What to Expect: The Pros and Cons:

What you want to remember is that this type of smoke inhalation is unfiltered compared to other methods, so while you’ll feel the effects quicker, you also might have a harsh experience if you don’t do it correctly, which might end up making you feel sick and full of regret! You also want to be precise about how much water you put in it. It can be hard to use if you don’t know the right amount of water to put in or when to light it, or if you don’t end up slowly pulling it upwards. Make sure you have someone show you how to do it before trying it yourself, or check out below for a link to a video showing you how to make one, step-by-step. The gravity bong is a cool smoking device, but it needs to be created properly and used well. You also want to make sure it’s totally clean before using it- you don’t want to end up inhaling loads of debris! 

There are loads of perks to the gravity bong that you might find you like compared to other bongs you’ve tried before. One thing we’ve heard people love about the gravity bong is that it creates way less work for your lungs when compared to other methods of smoke inhalation. This is because the pressure created by the gravity does a lot of the work so that your lungs don’t have to do as much, which might be a bonus for you! People also find that they enjoy the fact that, since the herbs are unfiltered in the gravity bong, you can feel the effects of your smoking much quicker than with other methods of smoke inhalation. If you’re a fan of feeling the effects right away rather than waiting for them, this might be a good option for you- you will definitely feel the effects from your very first inhalation.  

DIY bongs have their pros and cons, and that’s certainly no different with the homemade gravity bongs that you can make at home from whatever empty bottle you have lying around! If you’re looking for a way to make your own gravity bong though, check out this helpful youtube videofor a step-by-step guide on how to make your own gravity bong! Make sure that you follow along with this video or any others that you find to the letter for the best results! You don’t want to end up having a bad experience because you have forgotten you need to cut a hole in the bottom of the bottle, for example. Check out this video or any others you find that are similar to it, and make sure to contact us or any one else you trust if you have any questions! 

You might also like the fact that there’s something enticing about the ‘pre-made’ nature of a gravity bong. Since you’re filling up an entire bottle with smoke, and then potentially screwing a bottle cap on top of it, it might sound appealing to have all your smoke just ready to go, right there and then. It’s a cool and creative way to inhale smoke that you might not have thought about before, and if you don’t like having to repeatedly fill something up or do the same movements over and over, this could be a good call! 

Buying a gravity bong online

If you’re uncertain about making one yourself, or don’t like the idea of something so DIY, a great option is to invest in a gravity bong from a smoke shop or other online store that has a wide selection of bongs. These tend to be great for a first-time user, as you don’t have to worry about assembling it yourself or filling it up with the right amount of water or any other concerns like that. A gravity bong that you can buy from a shop will usually be made of glass, and look like a wine bottle in appearance, and has the components talked about previously, just made of glass instead of plastic. What particularly is good about a glass, store-bought bong versus a DIY one is the suction. With one you make at home, you might not be able to ensure that the suction allows for the smoke to fill the container the way that it needs to. You also might like the idea of having something a bit more fancy that can be point of pride on your fireplace as opposed to fishing out an empty litre bottle from the nearest recycling. But if you’re pretty clumsy, it might be a better idea to stick to the plastic rather than something breakable like glass! 

Overall, you might find that a bucket gravity bong or a waterfall gravity bong is appealing to you. Many people find it to be a really great way to make use of recyclables and like the DIY-nature of it, but obviously this isn’t for everyone. If you’re looking for the same effects but don’t want to have to make it yourself, there are loads of options online for you to buy. It’s really up to you whether to go the pre packaged way or the DIY way, though. If you’re going for the DIY way, you might even want to make a day out of it- enjoy being crafty and making something yourself! You might even want to try both to see what option works better for you! 

Ultimately, the gravity bong is a really cool thing to try out- even if you don’t find that it’s for you! The effects of the pressure and gravity can create a really interesting smoking experience that you won’t find with other methods. We recommend having a look at the step-by-step guides on how to do it yourself first. If you think it will be too complicated to do yourself, you can always go online and find a great option that can be shipped right to your doorstep. This will take the work out of it for you and just let you enjoy it right away. Make sure you find the best item for you and give it a go! Happy smoking! 

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