Smoshe Online Head Shop: The Ideal Online Smoke Shop

Wouldn't it be nice if more things in life were negotiable, like gas prices, or even insurance premiums? Although many people might attempt to modify the inflated costs attached to some of these products in their lives; not too many of them are successful. They are unsuccessful mostly because companies that are responsible for those prices remain overly rigid. In addition, a majority of entrepreneurs only open their businesses with one thing in mind: making a profit. And that's what we aim to change at Smoshe Online Head Shop.

“The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively."   Bob Marley.

The Motivation Behind Our Smoke Shop

Fortunately, there are still some business owners left who are still open to the practice of negotiation. Even more, some who set out to solve a specific problem, like Smoshe founder David Mitchell did when he conceived the concept behind the world’s only marketplace for smokers, the ideal Online Head Shop. Unlike those other entrepreneurs, he wants his business to stand for something more than its annual earnings. “Smoshe Online Head Shop was inspired by my entrepreneurial spirit. Additionally, the fact that major marketplaces have restrictions in place that limit users from listing tobacco products. Even gateway systems like PayPal, Skrill and Apple Pay all have restrictions. There is a large market of people with entrepreneurial spirits like me that want to run their own business and sell these products. So I created a way for us to do so,” Mitchell said in a recent interview.

Selling Bongs, Spoons, Bubblers and Vape Products

If you’re looking for a place to setup shop for selling your personal smoking products then Smoshe is for you! Or perhaps you already have a shop and would like to increase your sales, then look no further. From spoon pipes and bubbler pipes to hookah flavors and a variety of other smoking accessories, Smoshe has it all. Smoshe plans on becoming the most prominent hookah online store in the United States by focusing on the power of negotiation, and having prices that can't be beat.

So, what does the future hold for the Smoshe brand? According to Mitchell, “In the future, we hope to rival the major marketplaces. Many of our decisions will depend on the regulations imposed on the industry and the possible changes that are to come. Smoshe does plan to expand to other countries, and hope to have a presence in every country that it is needed. We plan to first focus on the United States then expand to Canada, Australia and the UK.”

In addition to specializing in high quality glass pipes and many other budget-friendly smoking accessories, customers can also look forward to learning about a variety of hookah topics and current events that pertain to the smoking industry. Smoshe will be offering a newsletter with recent updates along with a blog and social media channels. Those enthusiasts looking to buy, sell or negotiate smoking products are encouraged to visit the Frequently Asked Questions section.

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