• Height : 23 inches
  • Keck Clip Diameter : 45mm
  • Bong Joint Size : 45mm
  • Joint Size (attachment) : 30mm
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New 23 inch Freezable Collectible Hookah Water Pipe Glass Bong Bubbler Tobacco

All Blue Everything! We have yet another amazing item gracing your presence. This item is only for the most serious smokers among or within us.This item stands 23 inches tall and oh my, it is a site for sore eyes in person. The item is cobalt blue through in and throughout and breaks down into 3 major, large pieces; the top, the middle and the base. The top is comprised of one large mouth piece opening which branches off into four spiraled columns encased in freezable glycerin. These columns aid in the cooling of burned smoke, giving a cooling sensation upon inhalation of the smoke. The top section is inserted into the base and held together by a large Keck clip (45mm). The base opening is 45 millimeters in diameter, Standing 10 (ten) inches tall, itself. Its attachment opening is 30mm and the base diameter is 5 (five) inches. The middle section is composed of the attachment and its components, an ash catcher, 2 downstems and a bowl.

Whats included with your purchase?

  • One 23 inch bong (1 top, 1 middle, 1 base)
  • Two (x2) downstems
  • One (x1) Bowl


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Height : 23 inches
Keck Clip Diameter : 45mm
Bong Joint Size : 45mm
Joint Size (attachment) : 30mm


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