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Online Head Shop - Bongs, Rigs, Spoons, Vape & More! The Online “Smokers” Marketplace that’s breaking the mold. You ask, “How is Smoshe different from the typical online head shop? That’s easy! We’ve built a community of smoking enthusiasts and created a platform where you can Buy, Sell and Negotiate prices; all in the same place. We’ve set it up so you can get the latest smoking accessories such as bongs, rigs, spoons, vape bubblers and more at the lowest prices. Whether you’re looking to join the tobacco pipe market as a shop owner or you’re searching for a new favorite spoon pipe, the Smoshe marketplace has you covered. Our goal is to be a one-stop shop for all your smoking needs. We’re striving to stock everything a typical smoker would need or want, from high-quality glass pipes to bubblers, bongs, vaporizers, hookahs and e-cigs. If you come to Smoshe and can’t find what you’re looking for, let us know right away. The smoking industry is changing so rapidly with new smoking methods and accessories emerging constantly. We want to make sure you can find what you need. So if you don’t see something, tell us and we’ll make it a priority to get it. Why Smoshe? Online Smoke Shop With many major marketplaces and payment gateways restricting what tobacco-related products online sellers can carry, Smoshe saw an opportunity to help other entrepreneurs like themselves. The owner decided to create an online space where fellow smokers could buy and sell without the limits imposed by so many larger retail sites. The result is Smoshe, an online head shop that’s shattering the standard shopping experience and connecting buyers and sellers in a unique way.To get prices as low as possible, we’ve developed the Negotiate feature. For instance, say you’re shopping for a mini bubbler or the latest vape pen. You find one you really like but you’re hoping for a better deal. If you see the Negotiate button in the top right corner of the item’s page, you’re in luck! The Negotiate option gives you the ability to haggle directly with online smoke shop owners on quantity and price, giving you a interactive shopping experience that’s a win-win. Although it’s not available on every item, the Negotiate button is a game changer when it is.  What Kind of Smoking Products Can I Buy? While shopping the Smoshe marketplace, you can expect to find what you’re looking for. Our selection is vast and ever-expanding as more sellers set up shop everyday. Some seller shops carry items they’ve designed and produced themselves while other sellers list items purchased from major suppliers that they’re re-selling. Either way, we put our energy into ensuring that all products listed are of the highest quality and budget friendly. Smoking products are easy to browse and you’re able to search by Shop, Category, Name, Price or Color. Confused about whether this e-cig cartridge is compatible with that battery? Or unclear on what the shop’s return and exchange policy is? Or maybe you’d simply like to see another image from a different angle of a water pipe your considering. No problem! Smoshe makes it easy for you to contact shop owners with questions on products and policies, or requests for more information. Find out the answer quickly by asking the shop owner directly with the contact feature. Additionally, you can Rate, Favorite or Like seller shops and specific items to come back to later. Why Not Create My Own Online Head Shop? Building a website can be daunting. As a shop owner on Smoshe, managing your shop is stress free. We’ve removed all the hassle and streamlined your selling process to quickly bring the most buyers to you. Simply set up your online smoke shop, create a profile, add products, get them approved, and start selling all within the same day! In summary, all of the hard work is done for you. You can spend more time focused on selling to potential customers, not creating an online head shop. You can even use our powerful tools, Smoshe advertising, to attract more views. Or just simply communicate or negotiate with buyers to ensure you make the sale. Most major online marketplaces restrict the selling of a lot, if not all, tobacco-related items. As a result, many payment gateways including big names like Paypal, Skrill and Apple also tell you what you can and can’t sell. At Smoshe, our “smoker’s” marketplace platform is a safe place built with the smoking industry in mind. Our safeguarded system includes secure payment processing so you know your business is protected. The Smoking Industry – Rapidly Grow Your Online Head Shop It’s no secret - the smoking industry is a booming one. Generally speaking, that’s what makes this platform so exciting. In joining our network, you get to be on the ground floor of this rapidly growing business. As part of our commitment to the smoking community, we’re putting an emphasis on constant improvement and sharing of information. We’re doing this in a two ways: the Smoshe Blog and our solid communication tools. The Blog’s purpose is to ignite conversations on relevant topics. It’s centered on new developments in the smoking industry from the latest on vaping devices to how best to clean and care for your pieces. But really the most important part of all of this is the relationships that we’re building between users, buyers and sellers. We’re always open to suggestions for the site: missing sections, requests for additional features, updates on the latest smoking methods, etc. We can’t stress enough how integral you are to improving the overall community of smokers. As more and more people join our ranks across the nation, it’s becoming necessary to remain up-to-date and to think outside the box. Members of the smoking community have historically tended to be free thinkers with rebellious spirits. We want to channel that innovative energy into the Smoshe marketplace platform and we’ll achieve that through open, inspiring dialogue. Our contact tools allow you to message us directly and we promise to take your input seriously. Thank you for Chosing Smoshe – Your #1 Online Smoke Shop We know you have a lot of options when it comes to shopping the web so thank you for choosing Smoshe - The Online “Smokers” Marketplace for all your smoking needs! Take a look around, browse our many sellers and products, and become a member of this budding community. And don’t forget to sign up with your email to receive regular updates, specials and industry news so you never miss out.

While there may be many names for the device itself, marijuana bongs and smoking devices have long been. sold under the auspices of tobacco smoking products. Fortunately due to the changing legal and social landscape in regards to marijuana, these tools of delivery being referred to more and more as their true intended use: marijuana smoking devices.

The Label Matters

To many people the terms may be interchangeable, but in reality, being able to label smoking devices for their intended purposes will enhance the users ability to have the experience in which they are looking for. Like anything in life, having the proper tools makes a huge difference in getting the job done right the first time.

Freedom of labeling also allows the makers of these smoking delivery tools the ability to create better products that can be more properly marketed to consumers. The evolution of marijuana smoking devices can continue to advance the techniques used to deliver the expanding marijuana industry that is growing around the country daily.

Multiple Devices For Personalized Use

When it comes to which type of marijuana delivery device is the best, it all boils down to personal preference. Marijuana is an extremely versatile substance that can be dried rolled and smoked, condensed into vapor, inhaled from bongs, and eaten in an array of recipes. Traditionally, hand held marijuan cigarettes and bong use was the most popular forms of consumption, but the rise of new products on the market has made the marijuana industry highly versatile.

Popularity Of Pipes

Pipes continue to be popular personal marijuana smoking devices, preferred for their inconspicuous size and one hit delivery option. Pipes fit into your hand and come in a variety of sizes and shapes, many of which seem more like a work of art than smoking devices. Pipes are portable and can be stowed easily in purses or pockets for easy transport.

Versatility Of Bongs

Marijuana bongs are thought to deliver a smoke that is less harsh when inhaled. This is because the vapor is cooled by the water in the bong’s chamber, making this delivery tool exceptional for those who desire a more mild intake. Some of the best bong products use multiple chambers and enhanced percolators that increase the diffusion of the marijuana. Bongs come in an array of designs and prices, making them highly personalized for consumers.

Finding High Quality Products

For those new to the marijuana craze, as well as seasoned weed consumers, finding a trusted source for high quality smoking devices is key. Smoshe carries the industry’s leading smoking devices in an almost endless supply of styles that can meet the needs of any consumer. If you are looking for high quality marijuana smoking devices, Smoshe has everything you need at the prices you want.