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About Us

Smoshe is an online "smokers” marketplace where users can buy, sell and negotiate for their favorite smoking products. We specialize in all things smoking, including High Quality Glass Pipes, Bongs, Bubblers and Water Pipes.


The Smoshe platform allows consumers to buy the most up-to-date, most exclusive and most unique smoking products on the market today. Merchants, too, will have the ability to sell and negotiate many of the smoking products that consumers desire. Sellers will be able to create and design their own shop page, eliminating the stress of building your own website. 



What We Offer
Bongs Pipes & Smoking Accessories

Search through Smoshe Marketplace and BUY the latest unique smoking products. Search by category, product or by shop.


Bongs Pipes & Smoking Accessories Create your own shop and SELL to smoking enthusiasts/consumers through the Smoshe Marketplace Platform.


Bongs Pipes & Smoking Accessories Take advantage of our Negotiation feature. Users will have the ability to negotiate for the best price possible for their item!


   Products sold on is for tobacco consumption only!
Please refer to our terms of use page to get a better understanding of what is expected of each shop/seller and/or buyer.


Please take a minute to watch our short introduction video on about Smoshe Online Head Shop on our Youtube page!